Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 48 / 27 November 2014

Theatre - Cyndi & Harvey
put on a show

Cyndi Lauper felt bad when she won a Tony Award last year for Kinky Boots and Harvey Fierstein did not. Fierstein waved off her concern. "I already have six," he said. "I get tired of dusting them."

The Cyndi and Harvey Show blew through town several weeks ago to promote the Kinky Boots tour coming to the Orpheum Theatre. (read more)

Fine Arts - Escape to the galleries

With the holiday season descending on us, what could be better than taking refuge in art? Herewith are a few places to escape to in the coming weeks.

Oakland, a fresh face on the art scene, continues to be a growing force. Take Johansson Projects, a small, hip venue on Telegraph Avenue whose reliable track record of ingeniously devised, contemporary art exhibitions delivers the unexpected. (read more)

Out There - Getting to know Pacifica

Time was, Out There tripped the light fantastic. (read more)

Books - Daddy dearest

"If he was sometimes a failure as a parent, he was always a noble failure. He tried to do what he thought was best, even if he didn't always know what 'best' was or how to achieve it." (read more)

Out & About - Feastful

Whether you're having a feast with family, an orphan's party, or skipping Thanksgiving altogether out of political conviction or other reasons, you can still enjoy a bountiful buffet of arts events through the otherwise quiet holiday weekend. (read more)

Theatre - Swashbuckling thespians

What's worse than overhearing critics dissing your play during intermission? (read more)

Theatre -
Loosey-goosey time

The silhouetted cut-outs of louche businessmen and the women who like louche businessmen are projected on a large screen, greeting us like opening credits as we take our seats for Promises, Promises. (read more)

Film - Angels in Antarctica

Radio communications engineer Anthony Powell works all year long in Antarctica, perhaps the most hostile environment for humans on planet Earth. (read more)

DVD - Carnal knowledge

"Boaz, do you want to have a bath together?" (read more)

Film - Movies to watch for this holiday season

If holiday movies make the holiday season itself more than just bearable for you and yours, there are great treats awaiting. (read more)

Books - Berlin stories

Although the Spartacus guides get mentioned in an oblique way in it, Gay Berlin is the farthest thing from one. (read more)

DVD - Eternal princess

All great stars are unique, but few transcend their eras. (read more)

Music - Salutes & tributes

Organized by 8-Bit Operators, Tribute to Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Science (Receptors Music/Definitive Gaze) salutes electro superstars Depeche Mode through interpretations of 15 songs using chip-crunching tech. (read more)

That old-time religion

"A film of the theatrical experience," Southern Baptist Sissies (Breaking Glass Pictures) might feel like a bit of a letdown after the Sordid Lives movie and subsequent TV series. (read more)

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