Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 50 / 14 December 2017

Film - Two young men find romance in Italy

Romantic Italian director Luca Guadagnino's "Call Me by Your Name" provides LGBTQ filmgoers with a delicious boy-meets-boy romance exploring the nuances of same-sex affection over a glorious Northern Italian summer circa 1983. It opens this Friday in San Francisco, and more widely throughout the Bay Area on Dec. 22. (read more)

Books - 'Call Me' goes from page to screen

With all the raves that the new movie "Call Me By Your Name" has garnished along the festival circuit as perhaps the most anticipated gay film of the year, people are rediscovering the best-selling novel by Andre Aciman published a decade ago and recently reissued by Picador. Critics declared the book an instant classic, depicting a great gay love story between Elio and Oliver. The B.A.R. interviewed Aciman by email. (read more)

Out There - Press release potpourri

Oh those press releases, they do pile up in Out There's old in-box! This week, we let the publicists do the talking as we re-print... (read more)

Out & About - Arts events

Art can touch you, in the right way! Get a feel for creative stories through theatre, dance, visual art, and the many choruses performing throughout the Bay Area. (read more)

Theatre - When the moral stakes are high

Is there such a thing as trickle-down morality? Perhaps that's how messages were thought best sent when Lillian Hellman wrote "Watch on the Rhine. (read more)

Theatre - Moody manor on the moors

From its days when actors performed in T-shirts and with scripts in hand, 42nd Street Moon has traveled a long distance, and its... (read more)

Music - SoundBox: It's a family affair

SoundBox, the San Francisco Symphony's experimental performance venue and live music nightclub, launched a fourth season of fashionably-later "curated" concerts last week... (read more)

Music - Music for the holiday season, part 1

Since sometime before Santa first grew his Claus, I've been reviewing holiday music... (read more)

Television - Sexual assault claims plague TV biz

In a week where the horrific California wildfires seem an all-too-obvious metaphor for what's happening in Washington... (read more)

Television - Trans girl becomes a woman

HBO will premiere "15: A Quinceanera Story – Zoey"... (read more)

DVD - What to watch: DVDs for holiday giving

The holidays are often stressful, so opportunities to relax are welcome. (read more)

Books - For LGBTQ book-lovers on your gift list

Few gifts are as reliable as books, especially during the holiday season. (read more)

Music - Keeping the pig in Pygmalion

If headline conventions weren't so, you know, restrictive here at the paper, I would call this "On the Proper Disposition of One's James Levine Recordings. (read more)

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