Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 34 / 25 August 2016

Fall preview: Bay Area art museums

Whether you're looking to journey back to 17th-century France or even further into the past with a South Asian tale older than the Bible, or are a thwarted astronaut yearning to defy gravity and rocket to the new frontier, local museums can take you there this fall. And away we go! (read more)

Fall preview: Films

So little time, so many new movies this fall film season. Our rundown focuses on a handful of new LGBTQ-themed films plus a smattering of work from influential filmmakers likely to qualify for the annual Oscar sweepstakes. (read more)

Out There - Bright lights, big lilies

Novelist Tama Janowitz was the "it girl" of 1980s American popular fiction. (read more)

DVD - Australian romance

The sweeping saga encompassing decades has largely fallen by the wayside in mainstream films, relegated to television miniseries. (read more)

Out & About - Fogust

We're somewhere between our chilly summer and the bounty of fall arts offerings. (read more)

Music - Merry Merolinis

It has been a fast and furious season for the promising young artists of the Merola Summer Opera Program 2016. (read more)

Fall preview, TV: Play ball!

The best TV of the summer just ended, and the excitement of the new fall season entices. (read more)

Theatre - Party animal: Andrew Lippa in revue

Sometimes a Broadway show must die before another can be born. (read more)

Music - Idol comes out, and it's beautiful

American Idol finalist David Hernandez, 33, is parlaying his TV fame into a successful singing career. (read more)

Film - Pursuing Nazi war criminals

When first we spy him, Fritz Bauer is drowning in his bathtub. (read more)

Film - Snakes in a field

Guatemala sits south of Mexico and Belize, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, above Honduras and El Salvador. (read more)

Books - The unkindest cut

If anyone actually thought about the matter, there would be fewer mysteries about the castrati. (read more)

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