Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 34 / 21 August 2014

Television - From heartthrob
to Hamlet to out

In 1961, Dr. Kildare became the first of TV's hit doctor shows, and its handsome 27-year-old star Richard Chamberlain became one of TV's first great heartthrobs. He would go on to become an acclaimed classical actor, film and television's go-to guy for classical and swashbuckling period fare, a musical theatre Broadway star, and TV's King of the Miniseries. In his 2003 memoir, he came out as gay. (read more)

Fine Arts - Promiscuous
pictures at Pier 24

Infiltrating and cutting across mediums, "found" imagery is all the rage in the fine art world. Perhaps this in-vogue phenomenon is a function of the onslaught of throwaway digital photos and the Internet, a behemoth engine that allows greater access to all manner of vintage pictures and millions of snapshots. But let's face it: we're a promiscuous picture-taking species, motivated by an obsessive desire to record moments for posterity, or to simply stop time.
(read more)

Out There - Classy people, classy art

When you hear the phrase "the ladies who lunch," do your thoughts automatically turn to Out There? (read more)

Theatre - Something wicked this way comes

Nick Adams is seeing the U.S.A. in a Wicked way. (read more)

Music - Twice
touched by Venus

The near-simultaneous release of a complete recording on CD of One Touch of Venus, along with the arrival on DVD of an abridged 1955 television broadcast of the show, remind me of that old saw, be careful what you wish for. (read more)

Film - To be gay,
gifted & Takei

In composing my rave review for To Be Takei, I found myself ruminating about my own queer childhood. (read more)

Film - Meet the future
of American boyhood

If you've ever wondered what happens to those lucky so-and-sos who are singled out by the MacArthur Foundation for sudden riches, a quick peek at my candidate for best doc of the year is one answer. (read more)

Television -
Going with the Flo

Florence Henderson is coming to San Francisco. The beloved TV star will appear in the Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation's 20th anniversary Help is on the Way gala and concert. (read more)

Out & About -
Crowd controls

However you get there, get out and see stuff. (read more)

Books - Navigating
the age of AIDS

Any gay man over 40 should look back with astonishment over the enormous social changes that have occurred over the last 35 years, from ostracism to a gay Holocaust to legal same-sex marriage. (read more)

Music - Where
the gay boys are

As loathsome as it is, American Idol can be commended for introducing us to talented finalists Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert. (read more)

Music - Parsiphallic
or Parsifallible?

Almost since it first "consecrated" the stage at the Bayreuth Festival in 1882, Wagner's Parsifal has been thought by many to bear homosexual themes concealed in Christian trappings. (read more)

Books - Submissive mistresses,
military man-candy

The latest batch of erotic story collections from Berkeley's ever-reliable Cleis Press includes one for the girls and one for the boys. (read more)

DVD - It was all
a lie – or was it?

In the opening scene of If These Walls Could Talk 2, a TV film produced for Showtime in 2000, Vanessa Redgrave and Marian Seldes play two women sitting together in a dark, nearly empty movie theater. (read more)

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