Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 42 / 19 October 2017

Film - Wondrous World of Tom of Finland

Early in the new biopic "Tom of Finland," opening Friday, our hero is a Finnish soldier guarding his country's northern border from enemy attack. Touko Laaksonen, as he was then known, spots what turns out to be a Russian soldier parachuting down and landing a few yards away. Grabbing a sharp hunting knife Touko confronts the man and proceeds to stab him to death. What would be a traumatic moment for any mortal turns out in this case to jump-start one of the most amazing artistic journeys of any gay man in the 20th century. (read more)

Theatre - Cho business!

Margaret Cho says that life is going "really, really well" these days. There's her new show "Fresh off the Bloat," selling out in most cities, coming to the Castro Theatre on Oct. 21. Later this year, she's taking the one-woman gig to the UK and Europe. TNT recently ordered a pilot of a show she wrote, "Highland," now in production. "And I have a new boyfriend, and I am very happy," she said in a telephone interview with the B.A.R. (read more)

Theatre - Unmistakable voice

In "Finding My Voice," film and Broadway star Kathleen Turner will take to the stage of Feinstein's at the Hotel Nikko for an evening of music from the Great American Songbook. (read more)

Out There - Art-loving down on The Farm

When Out There goes to an art museum, there's always one initial, telling click of an art buzz, like that moment when the caffeine kicks in after downing a double espresso. (read more)

Arts events: October 19-26, 2017

Theatre, music, galleries; go. Don your mask, whether for oxygen, pre-Halloween, fashion statement, or all three. (read more)

Theatre - Haunted by rabbits – and stories

Someday we'll laugh about this – a phrase often spoken about a mortifying social event in an effort to defuse it in the moment. (read more)

Music - Foreign correspondence

Between the raging Northern California fires, hurricane destruction in Puerto Rico, and the horrific mass shootings in Las Vegas – not to mention confounding tweets from a president out of control – there is an apocalyptic mood in the air. (read more)

Fine Arts - Mythical creatures unbound

Long before Walt Disney dreamt up the Magic Kingdom, dancing brooms and evil queens proffering poison apples, wizened Jewish storytellers were unraveling the mysteries of the universe, human nature and the supernatural. (read more)

Film - Everybody's a refugee

Watching a movie in order to review it is a curious occupation. (read more)

Books - Leonardo, the great gay genius

Walter Isaacson writes biographies of people who are inherently interesting. (read more)

DVD - It's Jennifer Hudson's movie

Looking back on Jennifer Hudson's rise to stardom, it still boggles the mind to realize that she didn't win the third season of "American Idol. (read more)

Television - More men behaving badly

We do love CNN anchor Erin Burnett. (read more)

Film - Scapegoating queers

After viewing the new documentary "The Lavender Scare," there's no doubt that the 1950s were the worst time to be LGBTQ in this country. (read more)

Film - Pooh Corner musings

The new biographical drama "Goodbye Christopher Robin," from British director Simon Curtis, takes on the tricky task of grounding a beloved collection of child-friendly nursery stories... (read more)

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