Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 36 / 3 September 2015

Film - Season to taste
Fall preview

Freeheld Laurel Hester probably never imagined that her wish to leave her government pension, earned as an openly lesbian police officer, to her female lover would result in a landmark 21st-century civil rights case. The story opens with an eloquent declaration of love and a desire to nest by a couple (Julianne Moore and Ellen Page) who discover that their dreams can be blocked by a cadre of small-minded male judges. "If you could have anything, what would it be?" "A house, a dog, a woman I love who loves me." The proceedings, from director Peter Sollett with a screenplay by Ron Nyswaner, are enlivened by a rare non-comic turn from Steve Carell as the couple's feisty Jewish (with his own issues) attorney. (October)

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Fine Arts - Art museums
Fall preview

Fall offerings at the museums may seem a little thin compared to years past, as we await 2016 and the arrival of the expanded and renovated SFMOMA and the reopening of the Berkeley Art Museum in its new digs. In the meantime, the South Bay continues to strengthen its presence, and major players in the city present shows worth checking out, as you'll see below.

de Young Museum: Between Life and Death: Robert Motherwell's Elegies in Bay Area Collections, a small exhibition by a giant of Abstract Expressionism, showcases "At Five in the Afternoon," one of 13 works from Elegies to the Spanish Republic, a series inspired by a speech about the Spanish Civil War delivered by philosopher/novelist Andre Malraux at a 1937 rally in San Francisco. The conflict and the moral issues it raised remained close to the artist's heart for the rest of his life, and inspired some 250 paintings and works on paper. Sept. 5-March 6.

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Out There -
Fall forward, continued

This week we offer our second round of fall preview pieces in Arts & Culture. (read more)

Theatre - It came from beyond the fringe

A little gay girl dancing for Perry Como, a faux-queen's variation on Dame Edna Everage, a queer Latina who thinks she's the next Rita Hayworth, and God's earthly visit to a prostitute are among the characters that show up in the 24th annual San Francisco Fringe Festival. (read more)

Theatre - Phantasmagoria

Most everyone I know has seen The Phantom of the Opera. And most of them aren't quite sure when they saw it. (read more)

Music - Fall preview:
SF Opera & SF Symphony

Single-ticket sales for the San Francisco Opera's 93rd season have been available since June, and across the street on Grove the San Francisco Symphony's box office has been helping music-lovers pick individual concerts since July. (read more)

Music - Between
mirth & seriousness

"What would Milton think?" I found myself wondering 10 minutes into the stunning new video of Mark Morris' L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, taped live at Madrid's Teatro Real in July 2014 (and a few months ago had its 90 minutes of fame on PBS). (read more)

Books -
Brothers' keepers

With the revelation last week that Vester Lee Flanagan, the newsman who shot and killed a reporter and cameraman on-air at his former television station in Roanoke, Virginia, was a black gay man who felt insulted and demeaned by white females and other black men, this week's publication of Jarrett Neal's book What Color Is Your Hoodie? seems auspicious and opportune. (read more)

Out & About - Underscore

If you never see art you haven't enjoyed before, how do you know if you like it? If a great event slipped under your radar last time, but was a few miles away, would you give it a second chance? (read more)

Books - What we should expect in the end

"Old age isn't for sissies," said Bette Davis, and she was right. (read more)

Music - Making art from
unlikely bedfellows

Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell is an amalgam of improbabilities. (read more)

Film -
The nanny from Brazil

The Second Mother is an awkward title that doesn't quite make sense even after you've seen the movie. (read more)

Books -
Men Down Under

The Outback series from photographer Paul Freeman takes a refreshing look at naked men from Down Under posed in realistic, natural, and man-made settings. (read more)

Music -
Electronic diva music

Fiercely forelocked electro goddess Elly Jackson of La Roux took a risk waiting almost five years to release her second album Trouble in Paradise . (read more)

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