Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 20 / 19 May 2016

Fine Arts - Welcome to the new Modern

Some of us thought the day when SFMOMA would complete its much-anticipated expansion project and reopen to the public would never come, but after a three-year modern art version of perpetual winter, the $305 million Snohetta-designed museum finally threw open its doors on May 14 to sell-out crowds. (read more)

Film - Essential Almodovar plays the Roxie

Is there a single Pedro Almodovar big-screen moment? You be the judge as San Francisco's Roxie Theater hosts a retrospective of the brilliant Spanish filmmaker's seldom-seen early works. Early Almodovar Week runs at the Roxie from Fri.-Thurs., May 20-26. (read more)

Out There - Up the down SFMOMA staircase

This issue begins two weeks of coverage of the new improved SFMOMA from arts writer Sura Wood... . (read more)

Film - Jane Austen meets Whit Stillman

If only he made more films, I'd probably become a fan. (read more)

Out & About -
Crash & class

From the first note, you know a professional's on stage. (read more)

Theatre - Return of the drag queens

The big, beautiful Castro Theatre is the place to be on May 28 if you love a big, beautiful drag show. (read more)

Music - All over Schumann

How splendid of Robert Schumann to be having a year in classical music without having to die or be reborn for it. (read more)

Theatre - Breaking through the color barrier

If you let a black man play Othello, it could be a slippery slope where you'll next expect Jews to play Shylock, the genuinely obese to play Falstaff, and actual teenagers to play Juliet. (read more)

Theatre - Married without children

Quirks that once were endearing easily can mutate into habits that become exponentially aggravating. (read more)

DVD - Road trip to ambiguity

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you could rekindle an old college romance years later, what kind of impact it might have on your life? (read more)

Music - Just a little bit gay?

James Franco was recently quoted as saying he's "a little gay," which earns his new musical project Daddy (with Tim O'Keefe) a place in this column. (read more)

Books - Hero worship

Heroics is the two-volume (Heroics, Heroics II) successor series to photographer Paul Freeman's spectacular five-book Outback series... (read more)

Books - Fairy tales

Openly gay actor, writer, and podcast star Jeffery Self, having appeared in... (read more)

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